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During our Podcast on the 101 Habits of Highly Successful Living, we picked out nine things that we could do right now and every day to make a positive contribution to our lives. We highlighted three areas that are covered in more depth in the book and focused on health, wealth and happiness. I know – BIG topics to tackle in a Podcast!
So what are the three things that we can do enhance each of these important areas of our lives?

Let’s start with Health:

1. Stress! We all know about stress. But did you know that if you can learn to relax your shoulders, you can turn down the old stress response and become calmer in a matter of moments? So – relax your shoulders. And remember to relax them every hour.

2. Nutrition. It couldn’t be easier. We are what we eat. Yes, we are. So choose natural, fresh, un-processed food and give your body a chance to work the way Nature intended. Plus – you need to drink plenty of fresh water every day. I’ll call this Item 2 1/2 on the list butn it’s still vitally important for your health and wellbeing.

3. Move. Sitting for extended periods of time is not only unnatural but it wrecks our posture. So – are you ready for this? – stand up every twenty minutes or so. Release the pressure in your hips and back. Stretch a little. Move around. Every twenty minutes.

The next subject on the agenda surprised some people because we turned the spotlight onto money. It’s a fascinating subject because people have very strong reactions to the issues surrounding wealth. So what were the three new habits to develop>

1. We need a fresh approach to money. Our attitude is more important than we realise. So when we make friends with the concept of money, we initiate changes in our subconscious responses that can produce extraordinary results in our lives. When we imagine money as a huge, smiling, friendly, benevolent force that wants to help us, we introduce subtle shifts in our behaviour that can spark positive changes in our life.

2. Overview. Take some time to play catch-up with your financial situation. All you need is a simple sheet of paper and a pencil to list everything you receive as income and then another list alongside the first to record everything you spend your money on. Add up the totals – OK, use a calculator! – and you’ll see exactly where the money goes every month. Clarity is power. If you know where you are, it’ll be much easier to work out where you want to be.

3. Plan. This is a fabulous exercise! Another piece of paper for you to list all the major expenses that are likely to occur for the foreseeable future. Add your expected income and work out how you intend to cover those future outlays. Include retirement as well. It can be a powerful wake-up call to signal the need for action. And that’s the next step. Take action. Do something every single day to address your future goals, needs and ambitions. That’s how you hit your chosen targets

We discussed the topic of happiness during the Podcast and I was asked to choose three things that we could do every day to enhance our capacity for good feelings. So here goes:

1. Let go. That’s right. You have to learn to let go the past or you’ll spend the rest of your precious life repeating episodes that happened long ago . Take a few minutes every day to meditate. Call up the unpleasant issues that have left their shadows on your life and deliberately, consciously, let them go. Let go of the past. Completely.

2. Live in the present. Breathe. Relax your shoulders. Become aware of everyone and everything around you. Notice the details. Check your responses to whatever’s happening and learn to choose the feelings that support your absolute wellbeing. See how your behaviour impacts on the people around you. You’re making a difference already. Make sure it’s positive.

3. Remove your mask. Give up the roles you’ve been playing for most of your life. Be who you are. Relax. Breathe. Throw away those defensive habits that have blocked your capacity for joy. Get a sense, a fleeting glimpse of who you might be beneath all those masks you wear. Learn to be at peace with yourself. Then it will be so much easier to be at peace with the rest of the world.

We chose 101 Habits because we’ve worked with some extraordinary individuals over the years, exceptionally generous people who have shared the secrets of their success and happiness and wanted their ideas to be available to a wider audience. Their examples covered a broad spectrum of human experience. Their wish was that you could enjoy the blessings of happiness, success and abundance at every level of your life. The result is The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Living. And now it’s available to you.

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