7 Healthy back to work tips

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image (17)1. Start your wellness regime immediately on return. Though it’s tempting to enjoy a couple of ongoing holiday cocktails and calorific meals, its going to be more difficult to readjust if you keep up the holiday mode!


2. Start immediately with a mind-body and cardio workout routine. No matter how tired you are, do your normal exercise routine that involves mind body exercise like pilates and yoga. Preferably in a wholesome environment with nature nearby.


3. Forgive yourself for slipping up. When it comes to overeating on holiday, we need to not expect ourselves to be more perfect than is humanly possible. Just make more healthy choices from now on!

4. Don’t give in to holiday weight gain. Take immediate steps to modify your nutrition plan to get rid of weight you have gained and set a new standard !


5. Get in that exercise. Yes, this seems like it repeats Tip 2, but we can’t say it enough: No matter how busy you are, no matter how stressed you get, work out by walking, toning and stretching!


6. Rememeber the good benefits of the holiday. Try to replicate some of these like doing something active like dancing!

7. Eat natural foods to boost immunity. Eating plenty of broccoli and other dark green vegetables, which helps clean out the liver, and taking a multivitamin with omega-3, and making sure to get a daily dose of vitamins A, B, D, and E.

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