Incredible Review of Reaching Your Goals Like a Pro

5195gojfJoL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_This is one of the best books I’ve come across on how to become a successful, published author and congratulations to M C Simon for producing such a remarkably helpful guide. This is a comprehensive and thoroughly-researched account on all the steps that are necessary to becoming successful as a self-published author. It’s always gratifying to seek the advice of someone who’s already achieved exemplary success in their chosen field and M C Simon is a well-established number one best-selling author. That’s surely a great starting point for anyone who wants to write about the principles of becoming a successful author!

The content is simply outstanding. The process begins with the seven essential steps to formulating your goals and this is where a prospective writer will find all the breakthrough advice they could ever need to get their writing career off the launch pad and into orbit. This is where it all begins and the author’s advice absolutely hits the spot when it comes to finding the motivation to take action. On a personal note, I’m a life-long fan of Mark Twain and his timeless quotes and wit are used to season the book with a delightful coating of wisdom and humour that lightens the tone and reminds us that all of our challenges as prospective writers are truly nothing new. I’d like to give full marks to the style of the book too. This is a book that has been written from the heart, a guide that is full of warmth and encouragement and a handy reference work that provides a truly comprehensive approach to getting your writing project into print. The entire process of producing your own book has been divided into fifty clearly written sections in order to cover every eventuality that could effect your project. That means that you have within the covers of a single volume an impressively complete map to the entire realm of self-publishing. Even though the book was intended for new writers, it’s full of such great tips, market-tested advice and laser-sharp, practical information that even more experienced authors will benefit enormously from the breadth and scope of this comprehensive guide. M C Simon is a winner. So too is this punchy, potent manual on the principles of writing success. So if you’re thinking about becoming a writer, this is the number one resource you’ll need next to your keyboard. Get it now and start enjoying your new career as a writer.

Common Errors About Increasing Our Wealth

One of the common errors that people make when they’re thinking about increasing their money supply is to start at the wrong end of the equation. We tend to devote a tremendous amount of energy, time and anxiety to the mechanics of creating wealth when we would benefit far more from considering what it is we’re really trying to achieve. When you’re planning to create more wealth in your life, the process really begins when you work out exactly what you want. You need to identify in the clearest possible terms precisely what you intend to achieve. This creates the focal point for your plans and stimulates your creativity to explore new alternatives in the quest for more wealth, more success, more freedom and a better standard of living.

coverThe problem with concentrating solely on how to make more money is that we tend to follow the old, familiar ways of thinking and planning that tend to produce the same old, familiar results that we’re so keen to improve. Choosing a brighter, bolder, more ambitious outcome for ourselves will engage more of our latent creative resources to identify better ways to reach our goals. So we need to start with the goal and choose outcomes that will excite us and test the boundaries of what we thought was possible. That’s why goal setting dominates the techniques and principles of success. It is very much the first step on the pathway to success in every endeavour.

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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Celebration

The holiday season brings so many great opportunities to relax and celebrate but it can easily be a time of unnecessary strife and stress. So, here are twenty fabulous tips to help you survive the holidays with your happiness and your sanity intact!

1. Get organised – The sooner you begin to prere for the festivities, the easier everything will be
2. Drink less – That’s right. Less alcohol will put less strain on your body and keep you fresh
3. Eat healthily – Avoiding toxic, sugary food will boost your energy and enhance your mood
4. Slow down – Trying to do too much too quickly is a formula for serious stress
5. Don’t over-commit – You only have time to do things that are worthwhile. Choose carefully!
6. Learn to say No – This will help you to focus on the things that are both relevant and important
7. Delegate – Hand over tasks to others and enlist their support
8. Work from a To Do List – Knowing what needs to be done in advance is a sure way to take better control of the tasks
9. Get enough rest – Don’t neglect your need to sleep and be prepared to take naps whenever necessary
10. Take lots of breaks – Go for a coffee, see friends, get a massage. You’ll feel so much better
11. Work from a budget – Over-spending is one of the major stressors during the holodays season
12. Treat yourself – You deserve rewards and recognition for getting things done. Do ‘t neglect yourself
13. Share your feelings – It’s so important to have trusted friends you can talk to. It’s a life saver!
14. Remember to enjoy yourself – Approach the holidays as a time of fun, relaxation and enjoyment
15. Give time to help others – Helping others who are in need or less fortunate is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday spirit
cover16. Say thank you – Acknowledge everybody’s help and contribution
17. Be grateful – The attitude of gratitude comes from your heart
18. Be a great example – Lighten up, smile and encourage everyone to celebrate the festivities with a glad heart
19. If things get too much – Check in with your doctor to get sound advice and any help you might need
20. Breathe more deeply every hour and learn to let go of the stress.

And happy holidays!

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Wealth Bestows Blessings

Do you ever look at the news and wonder where all the money comes from? We read stories every day about mergers and acquisitions, company takeovers, government investment programmes and the sums are simply staggering. But there’s an important clue in the numbers because we easily forget that there really is no shortage of money in the world. That’s right. Money is absolutely everywhere on the planet and it exists in such vast quantities that we can’t begin to grasp the sheer scale and power of its influence. And this is a very helpful insight because, if we go through life believing that there’s never enough, we effectively blindfold ourselves to the incredible opportunities that surround us every single day. Opportunities to increase our wealth, to live more comfortably, to use our success to help others, to live a life that celebrates the incredible progress we’ve made as a species.

Trilogy 13th november from amazonThis might be one of the most important insights we can gain into the nature of wealth, the realisation that money exists on such an unimaginably vast scale. Knowing this helps us to understand that we don’t have to fight for a limited, rare and meager resource. There is really is more than enough for everyone. Absorbing this fact can help us to approach the subject of money with a more confident and relaxed attitude. And that makes the creation and acquisition of wealth so much easier. Knowing that it’s everywhere, that there’s more than enough, that it’s available to everyone, that’s it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy the fruits of success. That wealth truly bestows blessings and allows you to pass those benefits onto others.

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9 Worst habits that can hold you back from success

image11Is success important to you? It should be and we want to make absolutely sure that you enjoy all the success your life can hold. It really is way too important to let a few bad habits get in the way of your dreams. OK. So we all have bad habits but which ones are holding you back on your shimmering pathway to success? Perhaps a list of suggestions would be helpful:

Procrastination – the great thief of time!

Fear – yes, most of the time, it really is nothing more than a persistent habit that consumes your energy, your ambition and your confidence

Doubt – the lurking worry that you won`t be able to handle the challenges and obstacles on your pathway

Saying Yes when you really mean No – the shortcut to over-committing and a loss of focus

Failing to organise your day and its activities – wandering around without a clear direction for your energies

Not listening – ignoring feedback that can save you from so many mistakes

Trying to please too many people – living for the approval of others instead of simply approving of yourself

Not finishing tasks – so nothing is ever complete

Blaming others – handing over responsibility to others

The list could continue for at least a dozen pages but the important fact is that we need to identify the habits that are causing you more problems than they should. Take a moment to think about the way you live each day, about the things you do and about whether your activities produce the results you want from life. This is not always a comfortable exercise but it can help you to isolate the key behaviours that are obstructing your success. The answer is to be found within ourselves.

Once you`ve noted down the habits and behaviours that are causing the problem, write down what you intend to do about each of those unhelpful behaviours. The process of describing each negative behaviour and thinking about the possible solutions stimulates a part of the brain that has evolved specifically to help us solve problems. The Pre-Frontal Cortex offers us the gifts of logic, creativity, the ability to plan and visualise our goals.

coverSo choose the dominant habit that`s been adversely affecting your ambitions and write down exactly how you plan to eliminate it from your behaviour. Describe a new habit that you can adopt that will overcome the negative effects of your old, less helpful habit. It`s a formula for success and entirely yours to engage whenever unhelpful behaviours emerge to challenge your ambitions.

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Choose the right Habit and achieve success!

image15Would you be surprised to learn that around ninety percent of everything we do is a product of our habits? That`s right. Ninety percent. Humans might be pretty smart mammals but we naturally gravitate towards the easiest way of doing almost everything. That`s why habits are such an important part of our behaviours. If we can choose habits that support our goals and ambitions, we can almost automate the process of creating success for ourselves. It`s all about habits, my friend and, if you want to know if your habits are working for you, all you have to do is look at the results you`ve achieved so far in your life. This may seem like a harsh test but, if your goals have any meaning at all, they deserve the full and undiluted benefit of your daily actions. You just have to make sure that you`re using the right kind of actions and using them often enough to make a difference.

image22We`ve touched on the subject of goals and one of the first habits that I`d like to encourage you to adopt is the discipline of setting goals for yourself. We all need a clear direction for our lives otherwise we tend to drift through the days like a rudderless ship, blown wherever chance and circumstance dictate. Taking control of your life begins by selecting goals for yourself that are relevant, meaningful, motivating and realistic. Goals add purpose. You can measure where you are and what you`re doing in relation to your clearly stated goals. Whatever you choose for yourself, the goal must be measurable. And it must have a completion date, a time when the goal will be achieved. If the goal and the time frame scare you, this is a positive indication that you`ve chosen well! You`ll probably need to stretch yourself to achieve your aims but that`s one of the benefits of setting the goal in the first place. The main challenge is that we tend to aim for much less than we`re capable of achieving so be bold, step beyond the comfortable limits of your old, familiar territory. Dare to push back the barriers. Aim higher. You might surprise yourself by how far you can reach. Take the goal seriously. Make a firm commitment to its success. Repeat your commitment every day. It`s incredibly helpful to believe wholeheartedly in your dream, to practise believing until it becomes an automatic – habit!

One of the great habits that can enhance your goals and dreams and ambitions is to practise the art of visualising your success, as if you`d already achieved your goals and can imagine the results in perfect detail. The act of visualising the completed goal serves to activate parts of the brain that can provide creative energy and insights into better, more efficient ways of achieving your aims; That`s why visualisation is such a powerful tool in the arsenal of the super-successful. Rather than sitting numbly in front of the TV or cruising aimlessly through the debris and clutter of the Internet, take a few minutes to engage your imagination and visualise yourself enjoying the results of your success; The more clearly you can picture the scene of your realised dream, the more effectively you will engage these latent resources in the brain. And what a fabulous resource to employ on your behalf in the realisation of your goals.

Cover pageThese are all habits and habits, after all, account for most of what you do and what you`ve achieved. If you want to create different results in your life, choose the habits that will support your goals and lead to the filfillment of your dreams. The answer is in your hands now. Make the most of it. It`s your life and you deserve to have the best possible experience of whatever you choose for yourself.

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