Pleasures in Writing

IMG_4281Are you an aspiring author? Would you like to become a successful author? Writing can inspire passion, enthusiasm and an extraordinary range of emotions but making it work as a successful, royalty-paying, commercial enterprise needs far more than the basic ingredient of raw writing ability. Achieving your goals and ambitions in any environment depends on applying the principles that govern all aspects of success. After all – success is not an accident. It’s the result of a process and that process applies as much to writing as it does to any other endeavour.

Learning to set goals that will inspire you and encourage you to grow, creating powerful visions that will shape your behaviour and harness your creativity, developing great habits that will pave the way to your success – these are the mechanisms that lead to the fulfillment of dreams and the attainment of your goals. And they apply just as much to the discipline of successful authorship as they do to any other form of business. After all, if you intend to turn your writing into an income-generating business, you’ll need to follow the principles that govern all commercial activities.

IMG_4263It’s very attractive and often misleading to imagine that writing is little more than a pleasant diversion from the pressures of the daily grind. For those who work at their keyboards every day, crafting material that they would like people to buy and enjoy, the demands are more than challenging. It’s like any other job but with a great deal of additional pressure. It requires planning, discipline, application, sustained effort and a great deal of determination. A professional writer, after all, is cover authoroften an amateur who simply refused to quit. But every author needs to understand and apply the essential rules that underpin success, to allocate and marshal the right resources, to choose the right activities, to aim for the highest achievements and be prepared to face disappointment along the way. it’s a business and, like any other business, fortune favours those who are the best prepared.

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Have you ever wondered how some people become incredibly wealthy?

IMG_3580Is there a secret to Your Success? Is there a hidden formula that reveals the keys to real abundance? The answer might just surprise you.

I’ve met and worked with an an extraordinary range of highly successful individuals, some of whom were generous enough to mentor me and share the principles that made them successful. The key to their exceptional achievements lay in the development of truly effective habits and behaviors, the kinds of behavior that favor sustained success.

None of these remarkable individuals was born with these attributes. They had to learn them. And that’s a very important insight because if the principles of success can learned and applied to create remarkable levels of wealth and abundance, then these principles can be learned by anyone who really wants to improve the quality of their life. It’s as simple as that.

The great news is that these principles are now available to everyone and they can be practiced and applied to every endeavor, enterprise, work situation or business because the habits of success have universal relevance. Whatever you aspire to achieve, the principles of success will enhance your efforts, create purposeful direction to your ambition and channel your energy towards your chosen goals.

We live in a remarkable age where communication has never been easier, where technology is opening up opportunities that were impossible to imagine even twenty years ago and where the means to create wealth are available to more people now than ever before in the history of our species. If you aspire to create a more comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones, to create the freedom to enjoy life to the full, to take control of your destiny – then, with the right habits and behaviors, your dreams really can be fulfilled. The answers are finally waiting at the tips of your fingers. Seize the day today and bring real wealth into your life. You deserve it.

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Wealth Habits

IMG_4001Have you ever wondered how some people become really successful? Do you ever think to yourself that some people must be born lucky to achieve so much in their lives? It’s very tempting to explain other peoples’ achievements by imagining that they must somehow be different from the rest of us but the fact is that success is not an accident. Success is not some random event based on a fortunate alignment of the stars in an individual’s personal horoscope. If you examine the lives of successful people, if you study the actions that they take to achieve truly magnificent results, you’ll soon realize that success really is a science. It’s based on a formula that each of us can learn, apply and replicate in our own lives. Success is very much a science. And that means that the principles of success can be learned. The good news is that you don’t need a Master’s Degree to learn the techniques of success. You just need to be willing to apply the right kind of effort.

The key to understanding success is the simple revelation that most of what we do every single day of our lives is based on our habits. We are creatures of habit that find it easier to do the same things, think the same thoughts, feel the same feelings and – inevitably – crank out the same old results every single day. Habits. But if you’re not satisfied with results you’re producing, you can make changes that can revolutionize your life. Once we appreciate that success is based on developing the right habits, we can introduce changes to our behavior that will directly impact on the results we achieve at every level of our existence.

coverThe science of success is about identifying those behaviors that support our goals and making them a regular part of every day. The outcomes in our lives are a product of what we do. Change what we do and – when necessary – how we do it, and we will create a new set of results. Human beings possess a truly vast potential for creativity and self-fulfillment, for sustained happiness and extraordinary success. Once we apply the principles of success to our daily behaviors, we can embark on an adventure that will lift our lives to unimaginable heights of personal achievement and fulfillment. We can create success that will transform our lives forever and make life’s journey so much more worthwhile for ourselves and the people around us.

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Success starts from dreaming!

FullSizeRender (4)Do you ever dream of being more successful? Do you ever imagine yourself living a much more successful life? Transforming the dream into reality begins with a vision of what your idea of personal success would look like. You always need to start with a goal. You need a clearly defined description of exactly what you want to achieve. And when you’ve formulated your goal, you write it down and carry that message with you, repeating the formula as often as you can during each and every day. But, to engage more of your latent resources, you also need a vision.

Modern research in the field of neuro-science suggests that we can exercise a surprising degree of control over certain parts of our brain by selecting thoughts and feelings that support a clearly described goal or vision. It seems that when we imagine ourselves in a particular situation and reinforce that view with positive emotional statements, our brains endeavor to find ways to make that imagined scenario a reality. It’s partly connected to the brain’s very useful filtration system that evolved to ignore vast amounts of unnecessary information. It’s estimated that we’re exposed to some eight million pieces of data or information every second – background noises, the texture of clothing on our skin, random thoughts, temperature changes, itches, pains, odors, physical pressures on our bodies – the list is truly impressive. But the brain’s Reticular Activator System filters most of this superfluous and distracting information away from our conscious awareness so that we may relax or focus according to the circumstances.

FullSizeRender (10)However, once you begin to translate your goal into a vision, a perfectly imagined visual portrayal of your aims, the internal pressure activates the filtration system to start scanning for opportunities to turn the vision into a reality. Instead of excluding vast amounts of data, the RAS becomes a well-tuned radar that seeks out information that can assist in realizing your goal. Many people report their surprise when unexpected opportunities seem to turn up, almost miraculously, out of the blue as they practice a daily focused meditation on their goals. The reality is that the opportunities were always there. We simply didn’t notice them until our filtration systems became properly attuned to our particular vision of how we intend our lives to be.

Your personal vision of the future should always be expressed in the present tense, as if you have already achieved your goal. Add a very positive emotion to your description and include an active verb. Imagine the picture of your future success in every detail. Each time that you repeat your personal statement that describes your goal, add the vision and allow yourself to feel the joy, the satisfaction, the fulfillment of achieving whatever is important to you.

coverThese methods are hardly new but the constant quest to push back the barriers to our knowledge and understanding of how our brains function adds greater depth to our ability to use our minds more productively. Success in any field of endeavor is one of the rewards of using our minds the way evolution intended.

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Success does not happen by chance!

FullSizeRender (7)Would you welcome more success into your life? Do you know what success really looks like? Do you have a clear picture of what your life would look like if you were truly successful?

These are important questions because success is not an accident. Success does not happen by chance. It is a product of what we do. Especially what we do on a regular basis. And what we do is a product of what we think, what we feel and what we believe. Success is an extension of our deepest beliefs, the expression of our view of ourselves and the world around us. Success follows a formula.

The foundations of success are laid down in the framework of our belief system and too many people drift through life with the firm conviction that they can’t do anything to improve their situation. They become prisoners of their beliefs, chained to the uncomfortable limitations of their circumstances. The evidence of countless examples of individuals who have broken free of their restraints, of people who have fulfilled their dreams and ambitions against all the odds, demonstrates in the clearest possible terms that success is not some random act of fate. It is a result of what we choose to do. And, as that celebrated master of motivation, Mr Tony Robbins, is fond of quoting, success leaves clues.

FullSizeRender (6)We can identify the essential ingredients that lead to success and introduce them into our lives. We start with a clear idea, a detailed vision of what we want, and we write it down. Vague goals produce vague results. We choose a goal for ourselves that we can measure. It’s clearly defined. Then we add a precise time frame to indicate when the goal will be achieved. This is a powerful first step. Knowing what you want and making an absolute commitment to achieving it form the first stage in creating success in your life.

You now need to know what you must do to take you towards your goal and – of supreme importance – you take that first step on the pathway. There will be problems, challenges, obstacles and obstructions. That’s completely normal. But you never quit. You never give up. You focus on your destination and you take action every single day to bring you closer to your goal.

coverThe day you arrive at your destination is a moment of richly deserved satisfaction. You have proved to yourself that you can get what you want, that you can achieve what you set out to achieve. You are free to choose other goals, perhaps seeking more ambitious outcomes because you begin to understand that we have much greater potential than we ever realized. But there is much more to this process of creating success than the tangible results of your beliefs and your efforts and your determination. It is who you become on the journey that is perhaps even more rewarding because the pathway bestows a degree of self-mastery on those who persist and that is a prize beyond all calculation and, in many ways, a priceless reward in itself.

As you drink from the wellspring of success, you may find that your example will inspire others to explore their own capacity for fulfillment too.

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