Choose your Feelings to Focus on Emotions

ChooseThe world is a mirror. Everything is an extension of how you feel. Your perception is continually shaped by your emotional filters. No one has the power to make you feel anything without your permission. When someone ‘makes you angry’ the anger was already in your heart. Learn to choose your feelings, to focus on emotions that support your health, inner peace, creativity and well-being. The world is a mirror. Let it reflect the beauty within your own heart. Learn that when someone is angry, the anger is in their heart. How they feel is not about you. It’s about their internal emotional landscape. When someone is angry, you know you don’t have to share their anger. You are free to remain at peace. Because that is what is in your heart. This awareness helps you to understand peoples’ feelings in a different context. You no longer have to react according to other peoples’ emotions.

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Influence Everyone with Thoughts

how to influence peopleEveryone is a teacher. We influence everyone around us with our thoughts, words, feelings and behaviour. We are always teaching.
We teach what we learn and we learn what we teach. When you recognise that your behaviour can influence those around you, you take on a deeper sense of responsibility for your actions. So choose your thoughts and feelings and behaviours carefully and be the teacher that makes a positive difference to the lives of those around you. And great teachers lead by example.

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Take Action – you can do anything

Take ActionDon’t delay. Procrastination eats up time and opportunity with equal indifference. If you know what you really want in this precious life, take action right now to make your goal a reality. The first step is the most important. Take that step. Begin the journey. Take action. Do something to take you closer to your dream. Don’t leave it until some perfect future moment. Start right now. There is only this moment in which you can do anything. So seize it. Use it. Start moving towards your goal. And remember to enjoy the journey. The act of taking that vital step can harness enormous potential to bring you closer to your goals and dreams. Do it now.

21 Days to Total Transformation (105 Daily Stress Management Tips) Feel Great, Look Great, Be Great!: Turbocharge Your Life and Wake Up with a Smile (Personal Growth Series)

The Skinny Delicious Series: Master Your Emotional Eating ( Free Yourself from Overeating Forever): Your Binge Eating and Compulsive Eating Cure

IMG_1903Mastering your appetite, controlling your urges to eat, taming the hunger-beast! These are the essential aspects of effective weight control.
Overeating is a powerfully emotional experience and too many diet books today glibly skim the surface of the problem and ignore the underlying drives that fuel our daily eating behaviour.
Here are the benefits that YOU can enjoy from reading this book
1. Discover the real meaning of emotional eating
2. Explore the drives behind your own behaviour
3. Learn to take control of your appetites
4. Turn down the stress in your life
5. Turn on your own personal Executive Control
6. Put great habits into your daily routine
7. Enjoy the daily reward of truly delicious food
8. Get the buzz of smart nutrition
9. Start to enjoy life
10. Master Emotional Eating
It’s time to recognise the real cause of overeating and introduce the best methods and techniques for dealing with our twenty-first century weight issues.
Based on decades of research and the startling revelations of neuroscience and behavioural psychology, The Skinny Delicious Guide to Emotional Eating lifts the lid on our deep-seated emotional behaviour and provides a practical guide to raising our awareness and changing our reactions to food forever. The author writes from a personal and professional perspective, having struggled for years with weight control, with every kind of diet and with the inevitable disappointment that always followed. But research and dedicated persistence finally paid off. She discovered the missing keys to permanent, effective and comfortable weight control: our emotional drives and influences. Knowing how to eat smart through intelligent nutrition lays the foundation for re-balancing the body. Understanding why we have cravings and those very strong urges to eat certain foods revealed the emotional framework that shapes so many of our choices. This discovery so obviously applies to our food choices. And this is where the revolution in effective weight control takes over. Recognising why we do certain things, understanding why we choose foods that are harmful, developing healthy alternatives and creating great eating habits – these are the foundations of a life/changing book on real weight control and the launch of a much healthier lifestyle.

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Negativity – Your Thoughts and Feelings

Health check-ups are a great idea, a simple way to confirm that everything is fine or an early opportunity to address problems before they get out of hand. But do you ever give your thoughts and feelings a health check-up? Are you aware of how toxic some of your thoughts and feelings can be? Feelings of anger, fear, stress, anxiety, irritability, jealousy, inadequacy can produce a range of unpleasant effects across the entire spectrum of your health and well-being.

One of the fastest ways to deal with these feelings is to relax your shoulders and breathe more deeply, finding a calmer state of mind where the negative feelings don’t have a chance to take root in your behaviour. Relax. Find the calm. Let go of the stress. Let the calm spread throughout your body. Unlock your jaw muscles. Ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you do. Check your thoughts and feelings. Undo the habit of reacting immediately. Choose a better way to feel. Your health will benefit enormously from this simple process of learning to feel the way you want to feel.

Try it right now and feel the difference.

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Such a powerful, evocative word.
It conjures up images of opulence, of riches, of plenty, all crowned with a spirit of benevolent generosity. It’s a word that resonates with the promise of unbounded positive energy.
The Seven Secrets of Total Abundance aims to deliver the most effective ways to:

*** improve your health,
*** develop your mind,
*** channel your emotions,
*** enhance your creativity,
*** create wealth,
*** clear up your relationships

…and draw back the veil on the ultimate questions.

Based on decades of research and the most up to date insights into physiology, psychology, behavioural mechanics and the often overlooked facts of how to live a manifestly successful life, the Seven Secrets will guide you through the process of discovering how much better your life can be. Every page is filled with advice, insights, tips and encouragement to make your life the masterpiece it was always supposed to be.

But how many of us truly experience the gift of abundance in our lives?
How many of us can really identify closely with the concept of total abundance, an abundance that successfully spans all areas of our lives?

Research conducted in the U.S. has revealed that even people with significant wealth were rarely satisfied or happy with their lot. That might strike you as surprising. We are led to believe from childhood that owning a significant portfolio of assets was the guaranteed secret to enduring happiness and contentment. But, according to the research, that is not necessarily the case. In fact very few people seem able to thoroughly enjoy their lives even when money is not a problem or a source of concern.

Yet, despite the surprising results of that pioneering survey that sought a detailed range of answers from many thousands of individuals, the small number who appeared successful, happy and fulfilled showed broadly similar behaviours. And this was the most revealing result of the entire research project: the behaviours of that small percentage of successful and contented individuals were completely transferable. They could be learned. And when the new behaviours were learned and applied by people without a history of success or happiness, peoples’ lives changed, often profoundly.

The research was intended to provide the inspiration to help everyone discover their real potential for success and complete fulfilment and, even though the work has been largely forgotten in recent years, the powerful message of hope and transformation that was carried by the researchers lives on.

This is the moment when we are re-vitalising that essential message and bringing it clearly back into the spotlight, updated and enhanced by the latest research in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive behavioural techniques.

Refreshed and revived, the message focuses on the practical methods of improving our lives at every level. The days of compromise are over. It’s time to discover the power of total abundance and learn to live life to the full.

Authored by a renowned specialist in wellbeing and motivation with a lifetime’s experience in the mechanics of business, management and behaviour, Greg Parry has advised corporations and individuals across the globe and is a living example of the power contained within these methods.

If you feel that something’s missing in your life and that things really could be so much better in so many ways, join Greg Parry right now in the Seven Secrets of Total Abundance and get ready to experience the total transformation of your life.

The Secret’s out. Claim it now.

Do YOU Have Financial Abundance in YOUR life?

Money certainly makes the world go round but does it circulate freely in the midst of your busy life? Probably not as much as you’d like. Despite the thousands of titles and downloads on the perennial subject of making money, very few of them focus on the most essential element in the art of bringing material abundance into your life.

The missing ingredient? What on earth could that be? Is there some subtle, magical formula that’s designed to guarantee a plentiful and constant surfeit of cash? In all my years of research, I haven’t quite found that elusive magical formula but there are things we can do to put the odds of success on our side. So, what is the missing ingredient?

Well, my friend, the most important element in the equation of attracting abundance is – your attitude towards money. Surprised? It might not be obvious but the emotional fabric of your reaction towards wealth determines much of what happens in your life in terms of financial abundance. The challenge resides in the fact that the greater part of the emotional framework is concealed within the hidden layers of the subconscious.

The emotional architecture isn’t entirely obvious or visible but it serves to drive much of our behaviour. And that certainly includes the bulk of our attitudes and reactions, especially to such an emotive subject as money. So we might freely confess to a desire for more cash and the benefits that a surge of additional wealth can bring to our lives but, if the subconscious isn’t in agreement with that desire, the results will usually disappoint.

Money can be an intimidating commodity to confront. It represents an enormously powerful force in the world and most people are more than a little anxious around the subject. We either struggle because we feel we don’t have enough, (malnourished piggy bank syndrome!), or we’re afraid of losing whatever we’ve managed to accumulate, (drained piggy bank anxiety syndrome!).

Either way, the fear element predominates and we develop a series of negative reactions and attitudes towards money that effectively blocks our attempts to create more wealth in our lives. Intriguing, eh? Our underlying attitudes govern much of what happens in our lives.

The Total Abundance Blog will lift the lid on this important subject and share ideas and methods to equip you to develop real, tangible abundance into your life. Stay tuned because things are about to get really interesting.