The Relaxation Revolution by Greg Parry PhD -Relaxation Specialist

Learning to let go of life’s everyday stresses will transform your life and put you in touch with your body’s potential to heal, restore, energise and recharge yourself.

It’s only when we let go of the physical, mental and emotional tension that we discover the body’s amazing capacity to feel balanced and centered, strong and complete. We learn to feel more resistant to stress.
We tap into our deeper creativity. We gain better control over ourselves and the world around us. Simply by learning to relax and let go. This powerfully effective session is a must for anyone who feels the effects of the modern, stressful life.
You only need a few minutes to feel the calming, soothing effects that your mind and body have been waiting for.
Discover your hidden potential for well being at the deepest levels of your consciousness. Use the session as often as you need and experience the revolution of true relaxation.

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Flexibility- Develop Better Physical Fitness

flexI always encourage people to exercise, to move their bodies and develop better physical fitness. This is the only body we get to live in so we need to take great care of it. Being able to move without pain or discomfort is essential to long term health. Flexibility becomes even more important as we get older, so the sooner we start stretching, the sooner we enjoy the benefits.
One of the best times to stretch is first thing in the morning as we get out of bed. Slow, gentle, relaxed movements, avoiding any painful positions, will set us up for the day and gradually build a strong base for long term suppleness. The secret is to take a few minutes to stretch carefully every day rather than over-stretching once a week. If you’re patient and persistent, the results will surprise you and you’ll develop a much healthier relationship with your body’s strength, flexibility and well-being. You may find that persistent, nagging pains are eased as you begin to move your body and improve circulation. The body has remarkable powers to heal and repair itself. Switch on that potential with regular movement.

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Move- Essential for Long Term Health

Move1Learning to relax is an essential component of our strategy for wellness but it’s helpful to remember that our bodies also evolved to move. We spend so much of our time sitting down that it’s easy to forget the importance of physical exercise. Our bodies really need to move. Movement is essential to our long term health. It’s incredible to think that in the developed world most people rarely take any form of physical exercise. This contributes to health problems, including heart disease, obesity and a general deterioration in the quality of life.
Our bodies need exercise to improve health, to reduce the effects of stress, to maximise our efficiency and improve our chances of having a long life. Our bodies are the only place we live in for the whole of our lives. Let’s make a commitment to making our bodies as comfortable, healthy and happy as possible. We owe it to ourselves. Walking is a great way to kick start the body’s potential for greater fitness. If you haven’t exercised in a while, start gently and make sure you have no pain or discomfort. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and a place to walk. Not too difficult, eh? Begin today.

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Sleep- Don’t Over-Stimulate Your Mind

sleepIf you ever experience difficulty sleeping or feel that you could sleep better, there are many factors to consider that can influence your nightly rest. Diet plays its part. Poor circulation or lack of exercise can also interfere with your sleep. But most of us get into bed with all of the stresses and strains of the day on our minds and in our posture. So, when you go to bed tonight, try a different approach. We touched on sleep on Day Two but it’s such an important subject that we’ll remind you to follow these principles until they become a natural habit at bedtime.
First of all, don’t read or watch television for the twenty minutes before you intend to sleep. If you over-stimulate your mind, it will be harder to fall asleep. Next, learn to relax your body, your entire body, from head to toe. Relax your face, neck, shoulders, limbs – everything. And breathe a little more deeply, gently inflating the chest, holding the breath for a second or two, then breathing out slowly and deeply. This simple process can help you to unwind, slow down, relax and prepare for sleep. Don’t skip this essential ingredient in your Total Transformation Programme. Great sleep improves every aspect of our lives and the Programme won’t deliver all of its amazing benefits unless you follow the powerful evening routine for great sleep.
You’ll notice the difference when you wake up and feel more refreshed, more energetic, calmer and ready for whatever the day may bring you. A better night’s sleep will help your mind and body recover from the pressures of the day and equip you to become more resistant to stress as each day unfolds. Learn to relax. And breathe.

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List- Think About Your Life

listWhat’s missing from your life? Take a few minutes to relax and check your secret list of everything that you feel you’d like to have in your life. See if you can extend list to include fifty items. Begin with your material circumstances. When you’ve covered the obvious areas of physical comfort and security, list the things that you feel are missing in other areas of your daily experience. Remember, this list is not for sharing. It’s for your eyes only. You’re free to write down anything that occurs to you. You don’t have to explain the list. It’s a reference point for future developments. When you’re finished, put the list somewhere safe. Take it out again in a week’s time and read through it. See if anything needs to be changed.Now choose the items that you feel are essential but missing from your life and make a plan to bring them into your life. Then take action to make the plan a reality Now.

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Awareness : Know About Health and Wellness

AwarePhysical exercise is a vital component in our health and wellness routines but we tend to neglect the importance of training the mind. Our thoughts and feelings seem to have a life of their own and refuse to follow our directions. But it is possible to exercise greater control over our thoughts and feelings by developing awareness, becoming conscious of how our thoughts arise and pausing to release them, learning to become more detached until we can begin to choose our thoughts more carefully.
This is the gateway to inner peace and a valuable tool for well-being. Begin gently by pausing for a moment and noticing what’s going on around you. Notice the details. See everything that’s happening and switch on your awareness. Breathe. Notice your thoughts and feelings and relax. This is the foundation of mindfulness and one of the gateways to liberation.

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Chill – To let go of all stress

There’s too much stress in our lives and part of transformation programme is to encourage you to release the daily accumulation of tension and learn to relax. Sometimes the day is just too busy, the pressure is constant and we become so completely engaged with our To Do list that we forget to take a moment to unlock our shoulders, breathe deeply and release the physical stress from our back and neck muscles.
So I want you to develop a fantastic habit for your well-being. At the top of every hour, remember to breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and give your body a moment or two to let go of the stress. It’s so simple but so important for your health and well-being and you’ll begin to notice the difference immediately. At the top of the hour – breathe and relax.

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workWork is important. It dominates so much of our lives. It provides a way for us to earn a living and can offer a productive outlet for our energies. But do you define yourself mainly in terms of what you do every day? Is your job title the definition of who you are? I would hope that you can find a better and deeper expression of your identity that transcends the description of what you do at work.
Ultimately, our work should provide a natural extension of our deeper sense of who we are, a way to channel our abilities into a satisfying and productive way to lead our lives. It can be extremely worthwhile and revealing to ask ourselves if our work really provides the best outlet for our abilities. It’s too easy to let the pressures and habits of our daily routine take over our lives but, if we really do not express ourselves satisfactorily, we build up tension and resentment that can erode our health and well-being.
So take a moment to ask yourself if you really are where you belong, doing what you should be doing, living the life that would allow you to express yourself completely. If you feel that you need to make a change, the only time to do it is now. If the change is too daunting, think about any skills that you might need to change your career and take classes. Make the change more comfortable. But make the change.

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ParentsYou’ve got parents. That’s how you got here. Our first relationships in life are with our parents. It is very important for our health and well-being to be at peace with this primary relationship. If we have problems or conflicts in this area, the problems will show up in every other relationship we try to build. Today is the day to fix this fundamental problem. We have a very strong motivator to find peace with our parents, to thank them for everything they did for us, to let go of any lingering conflicts and find true peace in this most basic dynamic that affects every aspect of our lives. It can be helpful to see our parents as people who did the best they could with what they knew. Let go of the need to judge them. Give thanks for their love and every other relationship in your life will benefit. Tell them you love them. Every day. Parents never get tired of hearing the words of love from their children.

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