20 Really Great Ways to Look and Feel Younger…look 25 at 45, 30 at 50 and 35 at 55

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Beran & Greg Parry    at age 55 & 57

Beran & Greg Parry
at age 55 & 57

1. Get plenty of sleep – Adequate rest is essential for the body. Good sleep enables you to recover from the stresses of the day and repair the ravages of time.

2. Drink lots of water throughout the day – Sufficient hydration is essential for maintaining great health and keeping the skin in good condition.

3. Eat fresh, raw vegetables – This is an essential rule for balancing the digestive system and preventing the onset of many diseases. Boost your energy, your vitality and your youthfulness.
4. Learn to relax – Unlock the stress of the day and restore calm and balance to mind and body every single day.

5. Drink a glass of wine – Research strongly supports the benefits of a glass of wine a day.

6. Learn to meditate – Calming the thoughts and relaxing the body produce wonderfully beneficial effects on the human organism.

7. Walk and do pilates whenever possible and practical – Move your body every day. We evolved to function optimally by moving, by walking and keeping a physically active body. Use it or lose it!

Beran Parry

Beran Parry

8. Stretch – The key to long term strength and power can be described in one word – flexibility. A minute or two stretching every day will produce astonishing results.

9. Breathe – Take a moment every hour to breathe a little more deeply, to recharge the body and brain function whilst enabling the body to flush out toxins.

10. Release Stress– Stress ages the body. Fact! Turn down the stress response and your body will swing into repair and rejuvenate mode. It’s that simple.

11. Laugh – Laughter releases helpful chemicals into the blood stream and encourages you to become more resistant to the daily effects of stress and tension.

12. Plenty of fun – Because it’s so good for your wellbeing! And you don’t need a prescription from the doctor.

13. Vitamins and minerals – Our highly processed food lacks many essential nutrients. Your body needs the right fuel and raw materials to hold back the tide of time.

14. Sunshine – Vitamin D is essential for health and natural sunshine is the answer. Not too much and never to the point of burning.

15. Let go of the past – An emotional shift towards a vision of a bright and welcoming future can transform our perspective and lend itself to a much younger, more vigourous and happier life.

16. Spend time with friends and family – The comfort and relaxation of spending time with loved ones should never be under-estimated. It’s part of the package of learning to be more relaxed.

17. Get a massage – Improve circulation, release tension, relax. All in a soothing, calming environment.

18. Wear the best clothes you can – You know how good you feel when you’re wearing good clothes. Your spirits are raised, your confidence soars, you look and feel so much younger!

19. Fast once a week – Giving your body a weekly rest from the daily burden of absorbing and digesting food is widely believed to be an important component in slowing down the ageing process.

20. Eat less – Less strain on the body, more power to the immune system to combat the signs of ageing from within.

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